The Sri Sri Radha Govindaji Vedic Cultural Society (ISKCON Edmonton) is a registered non-profit, social welfare and spiritual organisation with the aim of propagating the teachings and values of the great ancient literature of the Vedic heritage and spreading Krishna Consciousnesses in the Edmonton area.


ISKCON Edmonton was established in 1995 under the International Society of Krishna Consciousness. The presiding Deities of the temple are Sri Sri Radha Govindaji. There are also the Deities of Srinathji, Sri Sri Jagannath Baladev Subhadra, and Guara Nitai. Darshan to the deities are conducted daily. To know more about temple hours, please click here

The Sri Sri Radha Govindaji Vedic Cultural Society offers many opportunities to engage in devotional services to Krishna like volunteering at the temple, sponsoring Sunday Feast, and attending special programs and kirtanas. As a registered non-profit organisation, we rely on the kind donations and services of the devotees. To find out more on how you can help make a difference, please click here


Our book store and gift shop offers a nice collection of clothing materials, books, bags, etc. If you need religious belonging like hand cymbals, calendars, posters, photos, meditation beads, mrdangas, etc. you will get a variety of them here. To find out more about our book and gift shop, please click here

At Radharani's Kitchen, we provide Sunday Feasts for all devotees and also participate in the Food for Life Program, a one of a kind food distribution program providing vegetarian prasadam to the people who are need of food. Our food is prepared by the temple devotees and offered to Lord Krishna before distribution . The prasadam is capable of satisfying the soul and body. To find out more about our programs and how you can be a part of it, please click here

In Kali-yuga, if the Vedic mahamantra is chanted regularly and heard regularly by the devotional process of sravanam kirtanam, it will purify all societies and thus humanity will be happy both materially and spiritually

Srimad-Bhagavatam 4.18.14


9353 35 Ave NW,

Edmonton, AB T6E 5R5

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