Sunday School

Our Sunday School is administered by four volunteer teachers - three female teachers and one male teacher. 

We also have young adults taking part in classes for older children.

Children Learn:

  • Colouring and Drawing 

  • Dance and Drama

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Story Telling

  • Readings from Scriptures (God's stories and pastimes) 

Children's Activities 

Our children take part in dance and drams during our festival celebrations. They practice these cultural programs in our temple under the guidance of our teachers. 

After the performances, children are given awards and appreciation certificates in recognition of their talents. 

Children's Workshops 

We conduct summer and workshops for children in our temple in which both boys and girls take part. 

This is a day-long program consisting of various activities such as colouring, drawing, painting, and outdoor sports on our property. 

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